Lift Up Springfield, Medical and Dental Mission Clinic

AWARDS: National and SW Missouri

The REAL Patch Adams teams with the "Modern Day Patch"  at Lift Up Springfield

Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Award in Washington DC

Nobel Peace Prize for Community Service from the Jefferson Foundation.

Only 5 Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Awards are Presented Annually in the
United States.  

Jefferson Award for SW Missouri for Community Service

Senators Roy Blunt and Ted Cruz

Recognition of
Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Award

Springfield Humanitarian of the Year

Senator Bob Dixon

Greene County Commissioner

Bon Jovi at the Award Ceremony.  Bon Jovi's wife, Dorothea, also received one of the five awards that evening for their soup kitchens.  , 

Drury and BKD Nonprofit Excellence Awards

2018: Lift Up Someone Today was named top "New Nonprofit of SW Missouri"

2019: Tricia Derges was named top "Nonprofit CEO of SW Missouri"

State Representative Lynn Morris

Dr Patch Adams

His true story was portrayed by

Robin Williams in the #1 Film in 1998,


Tricia Derges

Founder of Lift Up Someone Today 
(Lift Up Springfield)
The "Modern Day Patch"