Lift Up Someone Today

HERE IS OUR 2021 Report


Everything we do is by volunteers and by donations only.  We do not take state or federal aid.  This allows those unable to qualify for any help to get the help they need. 

We also do a sliding scale so that those that are in a position to pay a small amount for a visit, actually help "pay it forward" to those that are unable to.  Those unable to get help, nothing changes at all.  We are there for them!  

We really need your help to continue helping to "LIFT UP" others!  It takes a lot of money to pay the overhead: rent, utilities, phone, medicines, supplies, and so much more.  We are so THANKFUL for any help you can provide us.  

Lift Up Springfield is now considered a key source for referrals for people needing medical, dental, pain and mental health help from all over SW Missouri Counties:  Greene, Christian, Taney, Lawrence, Stone, Webster, Wright, Texas, Douglas, ozark, Barry, Dallas, Polk, Cedar, Dade, Baron, Camden, Hickory, Jasper, Newton, Howell, Pulaski, Phelps, McDonald.  People from 5 states have found their way to Lift Up, desperate for help.  Lift Up is listed as a follow up source on all area Emergency Room's discharge papers, low income clinics such as Jordan Valley and MSU Clinic send us patients that are unable to qualify for their services, nursing and residential homes, battered women's shelters, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, Christain Foundation, local dental offices, the Kitchen, local and state correctional facilities and numerous other agencies that work with the underserved. 


Lift Up Springfield has become a source for educational training for medical students, nursing students, pre-med and pre-dental students, medical assistant programs, pharmacy students, dental assistant and hygienist programs.  Students come to gain clinical experience for college and medical school credit.  We work with many great eduational institutions:  Cox Nursing, MSU Nursing, OTC Nursing, KCUMB and Kirksville DO Medical Schools, University of Science, Arts and Technology Medical School, numerous other IMG Medical Schools, Boards Ready USMLE Step 1 Review Program, Vatterott College, Everest College, Arkansas Pharmacy School, and many others.  Lift Up provides both core and elective rotations for medical school students.


Local practicing and retired Doctors and Dentist, Physical Therapy Referrals, Pain massage therapist, Nurse Practitioners, EMT's, Cox and Mercy Nurses, MSU, retired Veterans, retired nurses, students, churches often times supply our Friday "Lift Up" lunches so everyone can eat, hygienist and dental assistants from local dental offices, local high school students, lots of amazing people around the Ozarks, even our own patient's help us out! 


"LIFT UP" has now helped over 25,000 people since we opened!

"Lift Up" is making a difference in people's lives!

This is thanks so the many, amazing volunteers that we have been blessed by.  They have given hundreds of hours of their time, hearts and resources!  Lift Up Springfield is an amazing family of wonderful people. 

Lift Up Springfield has seen patients from all over Missouri, but it spreads much further than this.  Our patients have also come from many neighboring states.  

Lift Up is working hard to continue trying to complete the goals we had for 2020:  joining a national pharmacy program so that we can provide most all of our patients free medications, a healthy food pantry to break the terrible cycle and improve chronic diseases, get a denture program and to find a better clinic location.  We are close to several of these goals!  

If you are able to help us toward these goals we would be very grateful.  It would allow us to provide more care to more people.